Chimneys & Fireplaces

Nowadays, several homeowners who are acquiring new gardening ideas or who are modernizing their current hardscape are excited about the prospects of adding a fire point. There are various distinct choices and elements to contemplate. Our design crew can walk you through all the different possibilities to get the one that adequately matches your imagination plus your resources.

Fireplaces can sometimes share a lot in common with outdoor firepits. Yet there are many varieties that truly are their individual sort of animal. Our design crew can support you in understanding your choices to pick the one that is most suitable for your outdoor entertainment space.

Decorative fireplaces have a tendency to be more like visible significant items that happen to use fire. While some are electric, most of them operate via either propane or a municipal reserve of natural gas. Many are composed of a glass panel or a shielding grate, and the heat they produce is released elsewhere. They can be an excellent way to accentuate an outdoor entertainment space adding to its ambiance