As a market leader in pioneering and innovation, we provide dependable and feasible services relevant to Stucco’s work. The quality of work is directly related to the in-depth knowledge and experience of our professionals. We offer flexible services that can cater to our client’s homes as well as their offices.

Galletas can take care of all your requirements:

  1. Sandblasting
  2. Stucco Replacement
  3. Stucco Cleaning
  4. Interior or Exterior Stucco Finishing
  5. Installation of Stucco
  6. Synthetic or Traditional Stucco
  7. Stucco Repair and Painting

We grant various textures and tones which will perfectly accommodate your space and provide unparalleled experiences. Our company also provides assistance in re-coating of the stucco work for providing a new and fresh look. Before commencing the work our operatives observe your preferences and grant you the opportunity to pick color and tone according to your preference.